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 with the support of Nobel Prize Winners


“Peace-building and Educational Mission of Nobel Laureates
in Modern Global Conditions”
Dnipro, September 20 – 24, 2016.


Final Declaration

Recent years have seen a significant revolutionary intensification of change in the world order. Institutional transformations, which have accumulated increasingly since the beginning of the globalization era, have exacerbated ethnic, interreligious and civilizational conflicts. The quantitative growth of unresolved sociopolitical problems at the level of individuals, communities and humanity as a whole requires fundamental and qualitative transformation, not only of the postwar system of international relations, but the whole paradigm of socioeconomic progress as well.

The wide variety of cultures, economic development models, as well as social and psychological peculiarities of nations requires respect by the international community. Any violation of the rights and freedoms of nations may cause a threat to peace and security. However, the principles of science, including science-based ethics, are common to intellectuals all over the world. That’s why science must become the foundation for developing the institutional basis of the future. The Nobel laureates, who are the global leaders in science and public activities, play a significant role in this process.

The idea that developing cultural, business and personal contacts at the level of grass-root institutional units (enterprises, households and individuals) will dispose of any possible conflict has failed to stand the test of time. The cultural and linguistic affinity of nations has proved not to be a guarantee of conflict-free relations, while the mutual respect for national differences significantly glosses over contradictions between states and individuals. Therefore, support for cultural and ethnic diversity of the modern world should be considered as a peace-building factor.

The attitude towards technical progress in producing the implements of war requires fundamental transformations. Unfortunately, the idea that equipping armies with weaponry of unprecedented destructive capacity will convince politicians and military personnel to refuse to wage wars has also proved to be useless. In this regard, the Congress calls on all scientists to realize their personal responsibility to humanity and limit their efforts in developing lethal weapons.

The Congress declares developing the science-based model of social evolutionto be necessary and efficient. Improving old and introduction of new methods of warfare, including the use of aggressive influence on the public opinion of other states, ensures that the growth of the role of the social sciences can be purely instrumental in nature, its task being the development of specific instruments for protection of the social and psychological fields of human existence from targeted destruction.

Recognizing the downfall of the approach based on seeking a balance of interests with states which practice obsolete principles of regional domination and wish to expand their range of influence at the expense of neighboring states, the participants in the Congress consider creating a science-based and internally consistent vision of the future as a possible solution. Realizing the impermissibility of any diktat during creation of this vision, the Congress finds it reasonable to support the initiative of Alfred Nobel University for establishing a competition for the best project for building a new world.

Bearing in mind the objective obstacles and the conservatism of politicians of the old school, the Congress underlines that creating a new, less conflictive world-order should be implemented via a proactive policy for cooperation of youth with the existing political institutions. The youth movement initiated by the Student Council of Alfred Nobel University will allow young people to take a personal part in peace-building activity and to feel themselves a part of a powerful positive force, which can really make our world better.

Let’s unite to keep the world stable!