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1. Requirements for articles submitted for publication in professional economics journals of Alfred Nobel University.
The professional economics publications of the University accept materials published in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, Swedish, German, Spanish, French, Italian.
Published reports undergo mandatory internal and external peer review, and testing for the originality of the text through the programme "Anti-plagiarism".
Authors who intend to publish an article should send the following materials by email to the email address of the publishing house:

  • text of the article ( file in format doc, docx)
  • application for publication
  • a review by a doctor of economic sciences, if none of the authors is a doctor of economic sciences (scanned copy).

The article should contain: an index UDC, information about the author ( s) ( up to 3 people), the title, abstract and keywords (up to 10 words) in Ukrainian Russian and English languages, the main text of the material is published, a list of references (example of layout of articles in appendix. 1). Texts sent from abroad, must contain abstracts in the original language and in English.
Minimum size - 15 thousand characters , maximum - 28 thousand characters. Pages should be numbered.
The titles of articles should be short phrases that describe the content.
Abstracts should be informative and completely understandable, briefly introducing the topic, and should include the main results and conclusions. Abstracts should be between 250 to 500 characters and are placed before the text of the article.
Articles should include the following required elements in accordance with the decree of the Presidium of SCC of Ukraine from 15.01.2003 № 7-05/1 « On raising the requirements for professional publications made to the list of SCC of Ukraine ":

  • formulation of the problem in general and its relationship to important scientific and practical tasks;
  • analysis of recent research and publications , which discuss the problem under investigation by the author;
  • selection of the uninvestigated aspects of the problem to which the article is devoted ;
  • formulation of the objectives of the article ( presentation of the problem) ;
  • presentation of the basic research material with full justification of the scientific results;
  • conclusions from this study and the prospects for further research.

Illustrative materials placed in the article should be signed and numbered , made in shades of grey (no colour).
Figures, tables and formulae are presented in the programme in which they are implemented.
References must be placed after the text of the article and must comply with DSTU GOST 7.1:2006 "System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Bibliographic record. The bibliographic description. General requirements and rules"

  • The references in the text must be indicated in square brackets.
  • References to sources of statistical data are required.
  • References to textbooks, manuals , newspapers and non-scientific journals - are not acceptable.
  • References to one’s own publications are only allowed in exceptional cases.
  • Order by issued in accordance with Appendix 2 .
  • A separate file is sent a short abstract of the article (1500-1700 characters) in Ukrainian ( Russian ) and English (Appendix 3).
  • Electronic file of the article, designated as avtora_stattya.doc Name, Last Name, and Last Name avtora_referat.doc avtora_anketa.doc sent to the address of the editorial board .
  • Articles by University published free of charge.
  • The cost of publication for other authors is 45 UAH. for one page (2000 characters)

Appendix 1 Example of an article
Appendix 2 Example of the application of the author (s)
Appendix 3 Example of the abstract
New! Appendix 4 References