Alfred Nobel Planet

Dnipropetrovsk Alfred Nobel University

   Alfred Nobel University - is one of the leading higher educational institutions accredited by the state to the fourth (highest) level of accreditation. It holds a leading position in the field of innovative technologies for learning and strengthens government's positions on the international stage as reflected in its activity:we create real educational and scientific values which correspond to the latest requirements and needs of 21st century and directed to the dynamic economy and society development, European and global integration of our state. We provide our students with all necessary knowledge and skills which help them to be mobile and competitive both on the Ukrainian labor markets and on the foreign markets.


The main idea is reflected in the University slogan «Education for Life»
For over 10 years the University is a leader in promoting Nobel movement ideas in Ukraine:


- In 2003 - the inauguration of the Nobel Laureates Hall in Economics;

- In 2008 – the building of the memorial park complex "Alfred Nobel Planet" which has become a symbol of Dnipropetrovsk;

- 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 years witnessed I, II, III and IV International Nobel Economic Forum «The World Economy of the XXI Century: Cycles and Crises";

- In 2010, 2012 and 2014 the University hold I, II and III World Nobel Internet Academic Olympics on Economics;

- Since 2011 the University has annual International Contest among young scientists and students dedicated to the heritage of the Nobel Prize in economics;

- In 2009, 2011, 2013 - there were Virtual Sessions of the International Nobel Economic Forum;

- November 12, 2014 Alfred Nobel University had a guest - Mario Vargas Llosa, the Nobel Laureate in Literature (2010). He actively supported the Nobel University initiatives and was the first Nobel Laureate left his autograph on memorial symbol "Alfred Nobel Planet".