Hotels in Dnipropetrovsk

Participants of the International Nobel Congress independently choose and make reservation in hotels. The Organizing committee of the Congress recommends the following hotels in Dnipropetrovsk:


Reikartz Dnipropetrovsk

12A Chervona St., Dnipropetrovsk

Тел. +38 056-790-74-00 (01), e-mail:

Reikartz Hotel is located in business district in the central part of the city. Favourable location allows to reach easily railway station and airport or to walk along the picturesque banks of the River Dnipro.


Grand Hotel Dnipropetrovsk

Тел. +38 056 7901441, +38 056 7401010, e-mail:

Grand Hotel Ukraine is situated in downtown of Dnipropetrovsk within a walking distance from Alfred Nobel University, theatres, museums and shopping centers.


Park Hotel

21D Voroshilova str , Dnipropetrovsk,.

Тел. +380 (56) 726-60-01, 726-60-02, e-mail:

Park-Hotel is situated in historical, central part of the city, in the park zone near the business centers, architectural monuments, museums and exhibition halls.


Rassvet Hotel

30 Fuchika str., Dnipropetrovsk

Тел. +380 (56) 726-60-01, 726-60-02, e-mail:

The hotel is situated in historical part of the city, in the park zone, near the Dnipro River.


Hotel Litera

8 Krasnaya str., Dnipropetrovsk

Тел. +38 0562 300-600, +38 067 630-92-55, e-mail:

Hotel “Litera” is located in central part of Dnipropetrovsk, that is very comfortable as it is within a walking distance from the main business centers. These are head offices of banks, insurance companies, offices of the largest local companies, state and local governments as Regional Council, regional administration, the Treasury, Department of Internal Affairs hospitals and universities of the city.


Dnipropetrovsk Hotel

33 Naberezhna Lenina str., Dnipropetrovsk

Тел. +38 (056) 377-95-77 (78), e-mail:

“Dnipropetrovsk” Hotel is located in one of the most beautiful embankments of the Dnipro, near Alfred Nobel University. Favourable location and excellent transport links provide comfortable conditions both to conduct business and rest.


Student Residence of Alfred Nobel University

14 Yulіusha Slovatskogo str., Dnipropetrovsk


Residence is located near Alfred Nobel University.

Guests are offered comfortable double rooms equipped with everything needed for rest. Bath is for common use and located on the floor.